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21st century dining

Our Mission

Finding the current ordering process too slow, two friends founded Extraorder to build a better dining experience for both customers and restaurant staff.

Through their efforts, guests can enjoy a greater level of service without the need to attract the attention of waitstaff to place an order or pay the bill.

Our mission is to raise the bar for hospitality, improving the quality for both guests and staff alike. Being able to order, place extra orders and pay direct from tables, allows staff more time to provide better service and allows guests to split and pay bills themselves without having to wait or queue.

With a highly flexible menu design system and built-in host responsibility features, managers can have greater control over their business and increased confidence in the execution of service.


Extraorder integrates with Stripe, Tevalis and Doshii to allow for a fast and simple setup.

We also offer non-integrated interface which allows you to have Extraorder work with your business.

Features & Benefits

How can Extraorder benefit your business?

Maximise Productivity

Automate ordering and reduce the required wait staff, allowing greater focus elsewhere.

Your Branding

Our mobile app requires customers to scan your QR code, ensuring they only see your brand and your menu.

Reach Or Target Customers???

Checkout customers can choose to receive your venues messages, providing powerful repeat business opportunities.

Fast Flexible Menus

Create a combo, date night special, happy hour discount or holiday surcharge; then enable it for only certain periods.

Easy & Efficient

Nothing to install. Open a modern web browser and login. Setup menus, view reports and print invoices.

“The key to driving future profitability in hospitality is the adoption of new technology to improve efficiency”

– Greg Harrison, Founder –


It couldn’t be more simple. Providing a system that allows your customers a easy option to order.

1. Scan

Customers use their phone to scan the table’s QR code or click a link on a website.. Those without the app will be prompted to download the app.

2. Order

Customer chooses from your menu, with your branding and optional languages.

3. Pay

Customer pays via credit card through the Extraorder app. POS receives the orders and the card is charged after the order is received. Alternatively a web interface is available for non-POS conneted sites.




Have it your way 

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